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chef claudia

CHEF Claudia Côté

Chef Claudia, the passionate !! Will be there to cook wonderful healthy recipes for your little ones in a place filled with love,
that will charm their taste buds!

Chef Claudia Côté, this 35-year-old mother has been passionate about food since her childhood. Already very young, she loved to watch her mother cooking delicious traditional meals. It was at the age of 24 that she bought her first restaurant and became a chef there. Years go by and this accomplished foodie moves to the magnificent Laurentians region and develops the idea of Côté Bouffe, Brigade Gourmande. She counts among her clientele many daycares and families in Mont-Tremblant. She also buys the wonderful farm of her husband's family where she can cultivate a huge vegetable garden. Now Claudia and her team cook for 10 schools from Saint-Sauveur to La Minerve. Everything is home cooked the same morning. She also integrates organic vegetables and when the season permits, she lets the little ones enjoy her vegetable garden. It's time for a healthy shift in schools! The health of children is close to his heart!

For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact her!

Food side, Gourmet Brigade.


And his dynamic team

Mont Tremblant

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